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A Word About “Montessori”

The term “Montessori” is not a trademark name and simply refers to the application of teaching methods devised by Italian physician Maria Montessori at the beginning of the 20th century. Though different Montessori schools will share similarities, each school is independent.

A few organizations exist that certify and recognize Montessori schools.  Such accreditation often gives parents peace of mind that certain standards of quality are being met.  Unfortunately, most organizations require exclusive affiliation and adherence to their interpretation of Montessori principles. 

At The Growing Place Montessori, we feel that each interpretation of Montessori’s philosophy has something unique to offer.  We value the diverse and rich ways that many of the professional Montessori organizations train teachers, and we welcome instructors from different Montessori backgrounds.  For this reason, we decline affiliation or accreditation by such associations.

Choosing a School

Dr. Maria Montessori’s revolutionary observations and practices have given way to a myriad of “Montessori” schools.  Although most of these schools try to remain faithful to their understanding of Dr. Montessori’s insights and research in the early twentieth century, we have all been understandably influenced by today’s evolution of culture and technology.  Therefore, the interpretation and application of Montessori’s ideas can be drastically different from school to school.

If you find yourself drawn to this amazing method of cultivating children and their unique personalities, perhaps the most relevant question in selecting a Montessori school is to consider how well it matches your sense of what you want for your child. No one educational approach can be right for every learner. The wisest goal is to seek out the best fit, not only between the student and the school, but also between the parents’ values and goals for their child’s education and what a given school can realistically deliver. We believe that finding the right school for the family is as important as finding the right school for the child.

While the advice of others can be helpful in narrowing your options, in the end, the selection of a Montessori school comes down to a matter of personal style and preference. Trust your eyes, ears, and gut instincts. Rely on your own experience and draw your own conclusions.

Our only request is that you carefully consider The Growing Place Montessori among your options.  Parent references are available.  Please call (858) 679-1554 today for a personal guided tour of our facility.

Positive Discipline

At The Growing Place Montessori, we practice Positive Discipline with our students.  Simply put, we believe that children learn best through careful observation, supervision and encouragement rather than systems of punishment and reward.  Our staff achieves this by implementing a consistent kind and firm approach to dealing with misbehavior, averting problems before they arise whenever possible.  We strive to follow the following four criteria when determining the effectiveness of each disciplinary strategy:

  1. 1. Is it kind and firm at the same time?

  2. 2. Does it help children feel a sense of belonging and significance?

  3. 3. Is it effective long-term?

  4. 4. Does it teach valuable social and life skills for good character?

For more information about the Positive Discipline Method, click here, or visit the official web site.

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